Was the Apostle Peter crucified? Was he crucified upside down?


History and tradition records that the Apostle Peter was crucified upside down upon a Roman cross. 
He supposedly died at the hand of the Roman Emperor Nero by crucifixion. Feeling unworthy to be crucified in the same manner as Jesus Christ, Simon Peter requested to be hung upside down during his crucifixion.
Is this fact or fiction?

Could the historical writings of early Church fathers be incorrect? Could it be that his death by crucifixion was fabricated to accomplish some other purpose?
What does the Bible say?

As a matter of fact, the Bible does NOT agree with this commonly accepted view that the Apostle Peter was crucified. In this article, the record of his death is examined and a different event is observed.

If indeed the Word of God is inspired and if it is interpreted correctly, then the true Biblical record of his death trumps the writings of our early Church fathers.
If the Apostle Peter was not crucified, then exactly how did he die? We find the answer from the lips of our Lord Jesus Christ in the New Testament Gospel of John 

John 21:19
This He (Jesus) spoke, signifying by what DEATH he (Peter) would glorify God...

Jesus told Peter in advance how he would die 

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