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The Hebrew word for sky is shamayim. Our custom lets us know that this word is a develop of the Hebrew words esh (fire) and mayim (water). It's an exquisite picture fire and water consolidating to frame the sky.

Regularly we seek the sky for salvation. Our petitions and ritual are loaded with references to our reliance on God and the normal world to furnish us with precipitation in its season, for harvests and abundance. You don't need to look any farther than the Shema to get a sense for that sort of language

Be that as it may, now and then the sky don't simply give us precipitation. Here and there the sky is loaded with fire.

The skies over southern Israel, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem have been obscured by a storm of rockets from Gaza, in a real sense pouring fire down on an alarmed populace. While the YouTube film of Iron Dome rockets annihilating Hamas-sent off rockets is stunning when seen from the security of my front room, the dread where Israelis have been residing for pretty much seven years is something we won't ever genuinely comprehend.

Simultaneously, the skies over Gaza have been loaded with robots, helicopters, and Israeli airplane searching out and obliterating psychological oppressor foundation. And keeping in mind that I sincerely support the IDF's main goal to secure its residents and debilitate Hamas, I likewise sympathize with the enduring of a populace in Gaza being held prisoner by a fear monger system. I trust the skies, at some point, will hold solace for them also.

As we as a whole make a stride back this week from our day to day existences to express appreciation and invest energy with loved ones, let us not fail to remember the expressions of Anne Frank, whose journal will always fill in to act as an illustration of trust, even in the most obscure of times.

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