Some Notable Psalms

Some Notable Psalms

Some Notable Psalms

 A listing of some of the best - loved or best - known psalms

A prayer for help in time of trouble 5,17,25,31,61

A prayer when near despair : 39,42,43,55, 73,77,86,88,102,130

A prayer for forgiveness and help: 6,32,38,51,143

Rest in God's goodness: 4,11,23,27,63,67,91,115,121,125,139

Israel's cry of anguish at God's anger: 44,74,80,85

Praise with shouts and singing: 33,47,66,81,95,96,98,149,150

Praise for God's personal blessings: 18,30,34,40,92,103,107,113,116,118,146

Praise for God;s blessings to Israel: 77,68,100,124,126,129
Praise for God's awesome majesty: 

Praise for God's law: 19,119

Songs of war and vindication: 35,58,76,83,109,137

The History of God and the people of Israel; 78,105,106

Nature : 19,65,104,147,148

The Messiah: 2,16,22,45,69,110,132

Jerusalem and the temple: 48,84,87,122

The fates of the wicked and the righteous: 1,15,37,49
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