Lyrics for the Living God

Lyrics for the Living God

Lyrics for the Living God

The psalms were meant to be sung- and shouted

Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy. Ps 33:3
William Booth, believing the 19th- century English church had become too refined to reach the cities' poor, took the gospel into the streets. He organized his workers into a "salvation army',complete with uniforms and military rank.
Salvation Army recruits did not stick to traditional hymns nut invented their own words for rousing popular tunes. ''Here's to Good Old Whiskey'' become "Storm the Forts of Darkness." 
The Best Music Available

David and his people would have liked that spirit. Many of the Psalms were meant to be sung, and sung joyfully. "Sing for the joy! Shout aloud"  Their instruments included cymbals, tambourines, trumpets, ram's, horns, harps, and lyres.

I Chr 15:16 and 23:5 report that David appointed 4,000 professional musicians to provide their services to the temple.
They offered the best music available, and the congregation joined in.
Every generation of Christians renews the discovery of this "new song" sometimes through the music of their forebears, sometimes in a form that shocks their solemn elders. When people know God, they come to life with a jubilant song of their lips.
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