Does God Need our Gifts

Does God Need our Gifts

Does God Need our Gifts?

Psalm 50:9 I have no need of a bull from your stall or of goats from your pens,

People often try to bargain with God, thinking that by their good deeds they can get God to do what they want. Old Testament people sometimes viewed their animal sacrifices this way: not as an act of commitment and fellowship with God, but as a way to manipulate God into putting his stamp of approval on their plans. These majestic words from God scorn such a view. He is rich beyond their dreams; he has no need of their offerings. What matters to him is the attitude they take toward him

David wanted to leverage his money for God’s eternal kingdom, and God said that was a good thing, because David realized that what God was building on earth was more important than what David was building. David did not give to God because God was in need, but because he wanted to leverage his earthly resources for God’s eternal kingdom.

David did with his money exactly what God instructed of him. This is an overlooked element in giving—the involvement of the Holy Spirit. When you look at a lot of the biblical stories about giving, you find statements like, “God stirred up so-and-so’s heart to give” (Exod 36, 2 Cor 9). Giving is supposed to be a Spirit-thing, a Spirit-driven thing, in which the Spirit moves in your heart and you listen to him and obey as he directs.
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