What the Bible Says About Faith

What the Bible Says About Faith

What is true faith?

Not even giants of faith get exactly what they want

These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised Heb 11:39

What is faith? And how can you be sure you've got it? Some Christians think of faith as an almost magical force: if you muster up enough of it, you'll get rich, stay healthy, and live a contented life, they say. Yet how does one "muster up" faith? what are signs of true faith?
The author of Hebrews launches into a detailed description of faith, complete with references to several dozen biographical models.

Not what you'd expect

But the picture of faith emerging from these chapters contains some surprises. The author uses words and phrases like "persevere." "endure" ''don't lose heart.'' In many instances, the heroes cited did nit receive the promise they hoped for; some ended up flogged and destitute, hiding out in goat skins  May died horrible deaths.

Faith concludes the author, most resembles a difficult race, The runner has his eyes on the winner's prize, and despite nagging temptations to slacken the pace, he he refuses to let up until he crosses the finish line. "Throw off everything the hinders," Hebrews coaches. "Strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees"Heb 12:12

Is It Worth the struggle?

Why do people punish their bodies to run a grueling marathon race? Most runners name two reasons: the sense of personal reward they get prizes await those who persevere, and the very process of living by faith builds strong character. In this race, no one loses. If you finish, you get the reward.
Here, as elsewhere, Hebrews holds up Jesus, who endured great suffering for our sakes not guarantee a ,life of luxury and ease. It is tough faith; a constant commitment to hang on and believe God againt  all odds, no matter what.
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