A Happy Ending after All

A Happy Ending after All

A Happy Ending after All

The last word is the best news of all

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth Rev 21:1

We sense it at rare moments.we see the good, the beauty in new crops, in flowers, in sunshine and even in rain.
This world may be full of pollution, war, crime  and hate. But inside us, all of us, linger remnants that remind us of what the world could be like - of what we could be like. The Old Testament prophets dreamed of "that day", when creation would be made new. And those sensations, following a dismal monotone of predicted catastrophes, burst out of the last few chapters of Revelation. That perfect world is not merely a dream; it will come true.

A New World at Last

There will be no more tears then, nor pain. wild animals well frolic, not kill. Once again creation will work the way God intended. Peace will reign not only between God and individuals, but between him and all creation. Kingdom comes out into the open. The City of God flings wide its gates.
Revelation ends on a note of great triumph. Somehow,out of all the bad news augured here, good news emerges spectacular Good News. To those who believe, Revelation becomes a book not of fear, but of hope. God will prevail. All will be made new.
The Bible began, back in Genesis, with tragic defeat, when humanity made in the image of God, rebelled. It ends with a reunion - a marriage, Revelation calls it. There is a happy ending after all.
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