Blasphemy బ్లస్ఫెమ్య్

Blasphemy బ్లస్ఫెమ్య్

బ్లస్ఫెమ్య్      ब्लासफेमी   Blasphemy 

Blasphemy means crime of assuming to oneself the rights or qualities of God

While etymologically blasphemy may denote the derogation of the honor due to a creature as well as of that belonging to God, in its strict acceptation it is used only in the latter sense. Hence it has been defined by Francisco Suárez as "any word of malediction, reproach, or contumely pronounced against God.

 It is to be noted that according to the definition blasphemy is set down as a word, for ordinarily it is expressed in speech, though it may be committed in thought or in act. Being primarily a sin of the tongue, it will be seen to be opposed directly to the religious act of praising God. (2) It is said to be against God, though this may be only mediately, as when the contumelious word is spoken of the saints or of sacred things, because of the relationship they sustain to God and His service.

Blasphemy is a sin against the virtue of religion by which we render to God the honour due to Him as our first beginning and last end. St. Thomas says that it is to be regarded as a sin against faith inasmuch as by it we attribute to God that which does not belong to Him, or deny Him that which is His (II-II.13.1). De Lugo and others deny that this is an essential element in blasphem
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