God breaks the silence

God breaks the silence

God breaks the silence

He spoke in the only way we could truly understand

The Word became a flesh and his dwelling among John 1:14

Unless a person communicates to you, in speech or gestures or even financial expressions, you can't get to know him or her.

What goes on behind the mask of skin will always remain a mystery.

God, too, was a mystery until he broke his silence.
He spoke once, and all creation sprang to life - oceans, whales, giraffes, orchids, and beetles.
He spoke again, says John, and this time the Word took the form of a man, Jesus Christ.

John's book tells the story of that Word who became flesh.

Different from other Gospel

It's clear from the first few paragraph that john broke sharply from the style of Matthew, Mark,and Luke.
The other Gospel writers focused on events, following Jesus through the bustling marketplaces and  villages.

Unlike them, John assumed readers knew the basic about Jesus. Instead of focusing on facts, he mulled over the profound meaning of what Jesus had said and done.

In this first sentence, John highlights Christ's nature. There are no Christmas scenes here: no stables, shepherds, or wise men.

John tells nothing of Jesus' birth and youth. He introduces him as the adult Son of God.

After an eloquent prologue, the book shows John the Baptist humbly pointing to Jesus, "the things of whose sandals I am not worthy to unite" (John 1:27)

Jesus sent with a Mission

John selected vignettes from no more than 20 days in Jesus' life, and arranged them so that they present a Messiah who know "where I came from and where I am going" (John 18:14).

Jesus was not simply a "man who fell to earth", give a cadence  the book.

According to John, Christ participated in the original creation act.

But later he was sent to earth as the Word, the sum of all that God wanted to say.

God spoke in the only way we could truly understand: by becoming one of us.

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