How to pray

How to pray

Prayer must be for God’s ear alone. It is enough that He hears. Hypocrites are not concerned God-they want impress men. They may seem to be worshiping God, but are really worshiping themselves. Public prayer is good, but it has its dangers. It may be sometimes be difficult to speak to God without trying to impress others who are listening. This may be one reason for Jesus’ emphasis on secret prayer. It will be more direct, more real, with no temptation to impress others.

Our praying should be neither mechanical or in ignorance. A name repeated, over and over(see Ikings18:26;Acts 19;24) or a formula of words constantly repeated, or pilling up words to convince God to listen- such  things no power at all with God. God does not require our babbling to know what we need and give it us. We do not need to wake Him up, or capture His attention (PS34:15; 121:2-5; 2Chron16:9). And we need not instruct Him about things that are necessary for us to have. Christ’s disciples do not have a God who is more persuaded to answer, the more words speak.
Some may ask “if God knows what we need before we ask, then why ask? The answer is simple –we are because He tells us to do so one of the ways in which God’s people have fellowship with God, experience His joy, and obtain what is needed. It is a way which God uses to teach them many spiritual lesions. It is also a constant reminder that they are dependent on God for everything and that they should acknowledge it.
The following prayer covers those things which should be of greatest concern to Christ’s disciples. See what great truth, what important requests can be put in simple language and few words. Not everything God’s people will pray for is here.
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