World History: General Resources

World History: General Resources

1. World History Resource Pages [World History] Until this section is indexed into the main database you can click here to go to the Bible History Online general resources on this subject.

A variety of calendars Many different calendars have been developed over the millennia to help people organize their lives. According to a recent estimate, there are about forty calendars used in the world today, particularly for determining religious dates. Most modern countries use the Gregorian calendar (see the Year) for their official activities.

A variety of calendars Many different calendars have been developed over the millennia to help people organize their lives. According to a recent estimate, there are about forty calendars used in the world today, particularly for determining religious dates. Most modern countries use the Gregorian calendar (see the Year) for their official activities.

About: Ancient/Classical History links to informative sites on ancient or classical history.

ABZU Regional Index Home Page

Ancient Civilizations Ancient History links for social studies. Over 300 links.
Aztec / Celts /Egypt / Etruscans / Fertile Crescent (Mesopotamia)/ Greece / India / Mayans / Olmecs / Rome / Writing [Donnie Huckaby]

Ancient Civilizations Social Studies for Kids. The history of civilization is a long one. This site take you way back into history to see human civilization as it first looked.

Ancient Greek World view artifacts that tell a vivid story of life in ancient Greece.

Ancient History Links This web site has been designed to assist High School and Undergraduate students in the study of Ancient History.The site consists of links to web sites dealing with ROME ,GREECE, EGYPT, MESOPOTAMIA CRETE and MYCENAE

Ancient History Sourcebook: Rome: Republic and Empire includes links for Rome, Late Antiquity, and the origins of Christianity.

Ancient Medicine/Medicina Antiqua

Ancient Roman History Timeline historical content and chronological index of links to sites on Ancient Rome. Emphasis is placed upon the use of primary sources and new perspectives upon the roles of women.

Ancient World Bloggers Group AWBG is a place for posts and discussion about blogging the Ancient World. Particularly welcome are entries announcing real world events where bloggers can meet, planning and notice of virtual blogfests - when a group of bloggers are posting about the same topic, and other issues related to how bloggers go about their business. Since this is a meta-blog, the list of links below currently includes sites that are similarly introspective about using technology to study some part of the Ancient World.

Ancient World Web: The Ultimate Index of All Things Ancient annotated list of links.

AncientWeb: The Ancient World's Great Civilizations The Ancientweb is an online resource for Students, Teachers, and anyone interested in the cultures of the ancient world. Please browse the current sites below, and come back often to see more countries and cultures soon to be added!

Arachnion. A Journal of Literature and Ancient History on the Web

BBC - History - Ancient History From the death cults of Egypt to the fearsome yet sophisticated society of the Vikings, the ancient world was a surprising and challenging place. Explore the in-depth sections below.

British Museum - Ancient Civilizations Interactive Site from British Museum. Explore cultures of different ancient civilization through six themes; Writing, Trade, Technology, Religion, Cities and Buildings

British Museum - World Cultures The British Museum collection includes artefacts from across the world. They represent the people and places of the past two million years. Below are introductions to a growing list of just some of the world cultures that can be explored in the Museum collection. More will be added.

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology

Creative Impulse The Artist's view of World History and Western Civilization. The Art, Music, Drama and Literature of an Age give us insight into the minds and hearts of those who lived at that time. Created by Nancy B. Mautz

Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations information about the daily lives of people in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, India, and more. Includes links to lesson plans for teachers.

Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World. []

Everything Spartan, Lakonian and Messenian comprehensive listing of links to sites on the ancient classical world, with an emphasis on Sparta.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures

Exploring Ancient World Cultures Why Study Ancient World Cultures? An essay by Bill Hemminger. The question that initiates this program is a broad one: Why study ancient cultures? You might feel that the question is moot: students do study and will study ancient cultures; such study is an expected part of a tradition of intellectual development. The response to the why of the initial question is a matter of tradition, if not fact. A study of the ROMAN EMPIRE, a reading of Greek philosophy and literature, a look at the PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT -- these are all accepted parts of a Western education, aren't they?

Eyewitness To The Ancient World EyeWitness Accounts Of The Ancient World

Facta & Verba

Gateway to World History Gateway to World History is a collection of resources to support the study and teaching of world history and history in general. Includes a world history archive of text documents, an image archive, links to sites, online history departments, and discussion lists.

Gnomon Online (Greek and Latin Inscriptions)

H-World The H-World discussion list serves as a network of communication among practitioners of world history. The list gives emphasis to research, to teaching, and to the connections between research and teaching. Michigan State University.

History Link 101 Resource page for Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia and Rome for World History Classes.

History of the Ancient Middle East including sections on Ahikar The Wise, Ashurbanipal, Hammurabi, Mar Narsai, the Aramaic Language and The Church of the East.

History World An ever expanding history resource to make history make sense.

History's Happening Ancient World History Page Kid Safe Web Sites that contains Ancient World History Links

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

Link to Ancient History

Livius Articles on Ancient History Articles by Jona Lendering. Photos and more.

MacroHistory - World History World History from the Ancient world to the 21st century

Mediterranean Culture directory of links related to understanding and interpreting ancient Mediterranean societies.

Nova Roma sponsors classical Roman reenactor Legions in North America and around the world, and maintains an extensive list of links of interest to Roman reenactors.

Peloponnesian War Links This page is dedicated to the Peloponnesian War. It is regularly updated. Therefore do not hesitate to check it out from time to time.

Plague in the Ancient World A Study from Thucydides to Justinian by Christine A. Smith. Throughout history, humans have been faced with disastrous catastrophes which must be endured in order to survive. One of the most incomprehensible disasters for humanity has been the plague. This term in Greek can refer to any kind of sickness; in Latin, the terms are plaga and pestis. In antiquity, two of the most devastating plagues were the Athenian plague of 430 B.C. and the Justinianic plague of 542 A.D. This paper will discuss these plagues, the manner in which they spread, and their consequences for the survivors. Also, the ways in which ancient writers wrote about these disasters will be discussed, with special reference to the role of the gods. Much of what is conventionally believed about these plagues comes from comparisons with the Black Death, a visitation of bubonic plague during the fourteenth century A.D. Although the sources for the Athenian and Justinianic plagues are insufficient, there is some question as to the validity of this analogy as an historical source.

Project von Bora Edward Emerson Crawford, in acknowledgement of gracious providence, announces his discovery of the structure at registered archaeological site 3946 9650. He also wishes to announce the discovery of the Ahora Covenant Inscription, a proto-Sumerian inscription of the earliest type There are other discoveries of major significance that are yet to be divulged on this web site. Additional information will be posted

Roman Internet Resources with links for history and art, literature, philosophy, religion, maps, Mithraism, and more.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Shadara's Ancient World links to the histories and myths of ancient civilizations.

Shalom Ancient Near East links on archaeology, mythology, biblical criticism, history, and books.

The Amazing Ancient World of Western Civilization The PREMIER JOURNEY to The Ancient World, weaving together the Peoples of those lands and civilizations and the way they lived and - their thoughts, their hopes, their dreams, their lives. What is the Ancient World? Greece, Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Sumer, Nubia, Persia, Byzantium, Turkey? Or is it Assyrians, Chaldeans, Hebrews, Hittites, Akkadians, Etruscans, Minoans? Is it Alexander, Plato, Virgil, Socrates, Hammurabi, Aristotle, Nefertiti, the Pharaohs, Emperors, Caesar, Cleopatra, Sargon, Akhenaton, the Black Athena, Homer? Or is it the dinosaurs, Stonehenge, hunters, slaves, women, rulers, soldiers, or the Iliad, the Aeneid, the Odyssey, the Olympics? Is it found in the ruins, temples, forums, pyramids or in the remnants of ordinary life? Explore through this Web Book and the Online College Course.

The Ancient World Websites Spartacus Educational List of Ancient World Websites

The Encyclopedia of World History, Sixth Edition, 2001 Ancient. Medieval and Modern History. Renowned historian Peter N. Stearns and thirty prominent historians have combined their expertise over the past ten years to perfect this comprehensive chronology of more than 20,000 entries that span the millennia from prehistoric times to the year 2000.

Tradition and Memory: World Civilizations to 1500 Course with a focus on critical thinking. Taught by Richard Hooker at Washington State University.

Tufts Hellenic Society - Classic Greece featuring Greek history, classical texts, and links of military and historical interest.

Underwater Archaeology

Women in the Ancient World The status, role and daily life of women in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome, Athens, Israel and Babylonia by James C. Thompson, B.A., M.Ed.

Women In World History Curriculum Course teaching about women in world history. Resources on WOMEN IN THE ANCIENT NEAR EAST. WOMEN IN THE MUSLIM WORLD. Great Women Rulers! Women in the First Millennium! Female Heroes!

Women In World History - WEB Links to Other Resources Resources from brave women in history to witches.

World Cultures Washington State University Comprehensive materials for courses in world cultures from Mesopotamia to the modern period, with essays, primary source materials, and discussion topics.

World History Compass provides links to a wide variety of history sites. Covers such topics as ancient times, mathematics, military, U.S., and technology.

World History Cuneiform This is a 12 page booklet written and compiled by Richard Austin. The booklet contains four triple layer cuneiform translations including the raw cuneiform, the phonetic layer and then English. It also contains the alphabet so that students can do translations in reverse. The major translation of Sennacherib's prism relates to five chapters of Old Testament.

World History Essays From Prehistory To The Present World History International: World History Essays From Prehistory To The Present International World History Project. World History From The Pre-Sumerian Period To The Present. A Collection Of World History Related Essays, Documents, Maps and Music

World History Index WWW-VL: World History Index and History Central Catalogue World Wide Web Virtual Library. European University Institute, Florence, Italy

World History Resource Center Origins "“ 1000 BC ( From Ancient Egypt thru Assyria)

World History Site: World History in Five Epochs Presenting a New Theory of World History. The story of human society told in terms of five civilizations linked to communication technologies and changing structures of society. Four are fully developed. The fifth - computer-based communication - appears now on the horizon. This coincides with the creation of a global culture.
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